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cosmopolitan of, drawn from, or common to all the world or all the peoples of the world. [3 definitions]
cosmopolite a cosmopolitan.
cosmos the totality of material existence, esp. considered as a unified, orderly whole; universe. [4 definitions]
cosplay the activity or hobby of wearing clothes, makeup, and accessories associated with a particular character in a movie, comic book, or the like. Cosplay developed in Japan and is often practiced by fans of Japanese anime.
cosponsor one who jointly sponsors an event, legislation, presentation, or the like. [2 definitions]
cosponsorship combined form of sponsorship.
Cossack a member of any of various tribes of southwestern Russia, many of whom were renowned horsemen in the czars' armies.
cosset to treat indulgently or as a pet; pamper. [2 definitions]
cost the amount charged or given in payment for services or goods; price. [6 definitions]
cost accounting an accounting system in which all costs of production and distribution are itemized and allocated, as to various products.
costal of or relating to the ribs or the rib area.
costar one of two or more lead performers in the same presentation. [3 definitions]
Costa Rica a Central American country between Panama and Nicaragua.
cost-effective producing optimum results for the amount spent; efficient or economical.
costive having or causing difficult or infrequent bowel movement; constipated or constipating. [2 definitions]
costless combined form of cost.
costly of high cost, value, or expense. [2 definitions]
cost of living the average cost of food, shelter, clothes, and other basic necessities for a household or a single person.
cost-of-living determined by, or adjusted to, changes in the cost of living.
cost-plus the sum of the actual costs of manufacture and a previously fixed profit. [2 definitions]
cost-push of or denoting the situation in which higher costs of production cause higher retail prices. (Cf. demand-pull.)