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cotton wool cotton that is in its raw state or unprocessed. [3 definitions]
cottony of or resembling cotton, esp. in texture. [2 definitions]
cotyledon in a great number of plants, one of usu. two leaves that appear first after a seed has sprouted and are usu. different in shape from later leaves.
couch a large piece of upholstered furniture with a back and usu. with arms, on which several people can sit or one can lie; sofa. [4 definitions]
couchant lying or reclining. [2 definitions]
couch grass a grass that has creeping rootstocks, by which it spreads rapidly, and is considered a troublesome weed; quack grass; quitch.
couching (archaic) the act or an instance of crouching or bowing low to the ground.
couch potato (informal) a person whose main leisure pastime is television viewing.
cougar a large tan wild cat of North and South America; mountain lion; puma.
cough to release air noisily and spasmodically from the lungs as a result of illness or foreign matter in the respiratory system. [6 definitions]
cough drop a small candylike lozenge that is medicated for relieving a cough, sore throat, or the like.
cough up (slang) to give over (something demanded, esp. money).
could used to express that there was ability to do something in the past, or that an action or state was possible in the past. [4 definitions]
couldn't contracted form of "could not".
could've contracted form of "could have."
coulee a deep, narrow ravine, esp. in the western United States, cut by rain or melting snow. [2 definitions]
coulomb a unit of electrical charge equal to the charge of 6.28 times 1018 electrons or the charge transferred in one second by a steady current of one ampere.
coulter variant of colter.
council an assembly of persons gathered together for administrative, legislative, or advisory purposes. [2 definitions]
councilman a member of a council, as of a city or town.
councilor someone who belongs to a council.