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counterattacker combined form of attacker.
counterbalance any force or influence, such as a weight or a point in an argument, that exactly balances another; counterpoise. [2 definitions]
counterbid combined form of bid.
counterblast combined form of blast.
counterblockade combined form of blockade.
countercampaign combined form of campaign.
countercharge a charge or accusation made in retaliation against an accuser. [4 definitions]
countercheck something that stops, opposes, or restrains. [4 definitions]
counter check a check available at a bank to customers with accounts, for making withdrawals.
counterclaim a claim, esp. a legal claim, made in response to or in order to offset another claim. [2 definitions]
counterclockwise opposite to the direction of the hands of a clock. (Cf. clockwise.)
countercommercial combined form of commercial.
countercomplaint combined form of complaint.
counterconspiracy combined form of conspiracy.
counterconvention combined form of convention.
countercountermeasure combined form of countermeasure.
countercoup combined form of coup.
countercriticism combined form of criticism.
countercry combined form of cry.
counterculture the values and way of life of any group of people who reject the accepted values and traditions of society, esp. those who reject materialism, war, and cultural regimentation by the elite classes.
counterdemand combined form of demand.