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countereffort combined form of effort.
counterespionage espionage and other measures designed to frustrate enemy espionage.
counterevidence combined form of evidence.
counterfeit made to resemble something genuine in order to defraud. [7 definitions]
counterfeiter one who makes fraudulent imitations or copies, especially of money.
counterfire combined form of fire.
counterforce combined form of force.
countergovernment combined form of government.
counterhypothesis combined form of hypothesis.
counterimage combined form of image.
counterincentive combined form of incentive.
counterinflation combined form of inflation.
counterinflationary combined form of inflationary.
counterinfluence combined form of influence.
counterinstance combined form of instance.
counterinstitution combined form of institution.
counterinsurgency a government program or action designed to defeat a rebellion or guerilla insurgency. [2 definitions]
counterintelligence a program of a government or other organization to frustrate enemy espionage, intelligence gathering, and subversion.
counterinterpretation combined form of interpretation.
counterirritant something that produces a slight local irritation, as of the skin, to counteract or relieve a more serious, general inflammation.
counterman a man who serves customers from behind a counter, as in a diner or cafeteria.