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cowshed a shelter for cows when not at pasture.
cowslip a European primrose bearing a fragrant yellow flower. [2 definitions]
cox (informal) a coxswain. [2 definitions]
coxa the hip or its joint. [2 definitions]
coxalgia pain or disease in the hip or its joint.
coxcomb a pretentious or conceited dandy; show-off.
coxless combined form of cox.
coxswain one in command of a ship's boat. [2 definitions]
coy artfully shy or retiring; playfully but calculatingly reticent. [3 definitions]
coyote a small wolflike carnivore of North America.
coypu a large, beaverlike water animal of South America.
coz (informal) cousin.
cozen to deceive or trick; swindle.
cozy comfortably warm and snug, or giving one a warm emotional feeling, often by being small in size yet pleasant. [5 definitions]
CPA abbreviation of "Certified Public Accountant," an accountant who has received an official state certificate for having fulfilled the legal requirements of that state.
CPI abbreviation of "consumer price index."
Cpl. abbreviation of "Corporal," a noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps ranked below sergeant and above private first class (used in a proper name).
CPR abbreviation of "cardiopulmonary resuscitation."
CPU abbreviation of "central processing unit," (in computing) the part of a computer that interprets program commands and executes its instructions.
Cr symbol of the chemical element chromium.
crab1 any of various ten-legged marine crustaceans, having broad, flat bodies, eyes on short stalks, and strong pincers on the front legs. The meat of some kinds of crabs is commonly eaten by humans. [8 definitions]