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crank out to produce in great numbers, esp. in a mechanical manner.
crankpin a bar or cylindrical pin positioned in a crank and having a connecting rod or link attached.
crankshaft a shaft that turns or is turned by one or more cranks that are attached to or part of the shaft.
crank up (informal) to get prepared or begin. [2 definitions]
cranky cross-tempered; grouchy. [3 definitions]
cranny a small opening in a wall, rock, or other solid mass; crack or crevice.
crap a losing dice throw in the game of craps.
crape crepe. [3 definitions]
crapehanger (informal) a gloomy, morose person; one who anticipates the worst.
crape myrtle a tall Oriental shrub, related to loosestrife and widely cultivated in warmer zones as an ornamental for its stalks of crinkled pink, red, white, or purple flowers.
crap out to make a losing throw, such as two, three, or twelve, in craps.
crappie either of two medium-sized members of the sunfish family, found in streams and lakes in the central and eastern United States.
crappy (slang) of poor quality; inferior.
craps (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a game of dice in which a seven or eleven on the first throw wins, a two, three, or twelve loses, and any other first throw may win if it can be repeated before a seven.
crapshoot (informal) a risky undertaking; gamble.
crapshooter one who gambles by playing craps.
crapulence sickness caused by excessiveness in drinking or eating. [2 definitions]
crapulous given to excessive indulgence in drinking or eating. [2 definitions]
crash1 (of a vehicle or moving object) to strike violently (usu. fol. by "through," "into," or "against"). [17 definitions]
crash2 a coarsely woven fabric made of irregular or rough yarn.
crash cymbal a cymbal that hangs freely from a stand, such that it is allowed to reverberate after being struck.