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crash cymbal a cymbal that hangs freely from a stand, such that it is allowed to reverberate after being struck.
crash dive a sudden and rapid emergency dive made by a submarine, esp. to avoid attack.
crash-dive to rapidly dive, or cause a submarine to dive, at a steep angle.
crash helmet a protective, padded headgear worn by motorcyclists, race-car drivers, and the like.
crashing utter; complete; total.
crash-land to land (an airplane) in an emergency, usu. causing damage to the plane. [2 definitions]
crass lacking in sensitivity or refinement; crude.
-crat member of (such) a ruling class. [2 definitions]
crate a container for packing and shipping, usu. made of rough wood slats. [3 definitions]
crater a bowl-shaped depression with a raised rim, such as the mouth of a volcano or geyser, or the circular depressions on the surface of the moon, usu. with a mountain at their center. [3 definitions]
cravat a necktie. [2 definitions]
crave to desire intensely or need urgently. [3 definitions]
craven shamefully timid or afraid; cowardly. [2 definitions]
craving an intense desire or longing.
craw the pouch in the gullet of a bird or insect in which food is held and may be partially digested; crop. [2 definitions]
crawdad any of several small freshwater crustaceans related to and resembling the lobster; crawdaddy; crayfish; crawfish.
crawdaddy any of several small, freshwater crustaceans related to and resembling the lobster; crawdad; crayfish; crawfish.
crawfish variant of crayfish. [2 definitions]
crawl to move slowly with the body close to, or dragged along on, the ground; creep. [7 definitions]
crawlspace a low or shallow area, as beneath the roof or floor of a building, usu. containing wiring and plumbing.
crawly see "creepy."