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cresol any of three caustic, poisonous compounds used in making disinfectants, dyes, and other products.
cress any of various plants related to mustard, such as watercress, whose sharp-tasting leaves are used as flavoring or as a garnish for food.
cresset a metal container, often fastened to a pole or wall, holding fuel, such as oil or pitch, that is burned as a torch or lantern.
crest a tuft or other projecting growth on an animal's head, such as the comb of a rooster, or anything resembling such a growth. [7 definitions]
crestfallen downcast or depressed; dejected.
crestless combined form of crest.
Cretaceous the Cretaceous Period, or the rock formations that date from that time.
cretaceous of, containing, or like chalk. [2 definitions]
Crete a Greek Mediterranean island, south of and equidistant from the Greek and Turkish mainlands.
cretin a person afflicted with cretinism. [2 definitions]
cretinism a chronic disease that is usu. present at birth and is due to a deficiency of thyroid hormone, resulting in physical and mental stunting, deformity, and often goiter.
cretonne a heavy print fabric of cotton, used for covering furniture and for drapes.
crevasse a deep cleft or crack, esp. in a glacier or in the earth's surface. [2 definitions]
crevice a narrow opening, as in vertical rock or a wall; crack; fissure.
crew a group of people working together to perform a joint function. [3 definitions]
crew cut a haircut in which the hair is cut off very short.
crewel a thin worsted yarn used for embroidery, tapestry, and edging, or a work made with this yarn.
crewless combined form of crew.
crewman a male member of a crew, esp. in nautical work or sport.
crew member a member of a group of people working on a ship, aircraft, spacecraft, or the like. [2 definitions]
crew neck a rounded neckline, as on a sweater, that fits closely at the base of the neck.