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criminal law that area of law having to do with crime and its punishment.
criminal lawyer a lawyer who specialized in representing clients accused of criminal offenses.
criminate to accuse of a crime. [3 definitions]
criminology the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior, and criminal law systems.
crimp to press into small, regular folds or waves; corrugate. [7 definitions]
crimpy having narrow folds or waves; frizzy, esp. hair.
crimson a dark reddish purple color.
cringe to crouch or shrink back, usu. in fear or distaste; cower. [3 definitions]
cringle a small ring or loop of metal or rope attached to the edge of a sail, through which to run a line.
crinkle to make small ripples or wrinkles. [4 definitions]
crinkly full of wrinkles or creases. [4 definitions]
crinoid an echinoderm characterized by a cup-shaped body to which feathery, radiating arms are attached, such as the sea lily. [3 definitions]
crinoline a stiff petticoat worn under a full skirt to make it stand out. [3 definitions]
cripple (old-fashioned, sometimes offensive) a person or animal that is lame or otherwise physically impaired. [4 definitions]
crippled a word used to describe a person or animal who is not able to use their arms or legs.
crises the plural of crisis.
crisis the point or moment just prior to a decisive and critical change. [2 definitions]
crisp firm but brittle, as a cracker. [7 definitions]
crispy brittle and easily broken or crumbled; crisp. [2 definitions]
crisscross with two or more lines crossing each other. [6 definitions]
crit shortened form of "critic" or "criticism."