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crotch the place where two linear parts, such as human legs, come together.
crotchet a whim, eccentricity, or odd idea. [2 definitions]
crotchety given to peculiar whims and notions; capriciously stubborn; cantankerous.
croton any of various large, tropical plants, shrubs, or trees, often used medicinally. [2 definitions]
Croton bug a small cockroach.
crouch to lower the body close to the ground by bending the legs, as an animal about to pounce or a human preparing to run in a race. [4 definitions]
croup1 an abnormal respiratory condition, most common in children, the symptoms of which include coughing and difficulty in breathing.
croup2 the rump of an animal, esp. a horse.
croupier an attendant in a betting game such as roulette who collects on losing bets and pays on winning ones.
crouton a small, usu. cubical, piece of bread that is fried or toasted and added to salads, soups, or the like.
Crow a tribe or member of a tribe of a North American Indian people now living in eastern Montana. [2 definitions]
crow1 any of a number of shiny black birds noted for their shrill, harsh calls and for their scavenging.
crow2 to make the harsh call of a rooster. [4 definitions]
crowbar a heavy steel bar or rod, often with a flattened and bent end, that is designed to be used as a lever.
crowd a large number of people massed together. [9 definitions]
crowded very or exceedingly full; packed. [2 definitions]
crowfoot any of various, mostly yellow-flowered plants, esp. with divided leaves that resemble a crow's foot. [2 definitions]
crown a circlet or headdress, often made of precious materials, worn by a king, queen, emperor, or other monarch, usu. on state occasions, as a symbol of sovereignty. [21 definitions]
crown colony a British colony administered by a governor appointed by the home government in London.
crown glass a very clear optical glass with low refraction. [2 definitions]
crownless combined form of crown.