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cruiser a medium-sized, fast warship with a great range. [4 definitions]
cruller a sweet cake made from deep-fried dough, usu. shaped into a ring or twisted into a spiral.
crumb a tiny fragment, esp. such as breaks or falls from baked goods. [6 definitions]
crumble to break or crush into bits or crumbs. [2 definitions]
crumbly likely to crumble; easily broken, esp. into crumbs.
crumby consisting or full of crumbs.
crumhorn an early double-reed wind instrument, the tube of which terminates in a curve or crook.
crummy (informal) dirty, shabby, cheap, or the like. [2 definitions]
crumpet a thin muffinlike cake baked on a griddle, esp. in England.
crumple to press or crush so as to rumple or cause wrinkles. [5 definitions]
crunch to chew with a crackling noise; crush by biting. [6 definitions]
crunchable combined form of crunch.
crunch numbers in computer work, to perform a large number of calculations or manipulations of numerical data, or to process a large amount of data.
crunchy making or capable of making a crunching sound, esp. when chewed; crispy.
crupper a leather strap that is looped around the base of a horse's tail and attached to a harness or riding saddle to keep it from sliding forward. [2 definitions]
crus the section of the leg or hind limb between the knee and foot; shank. [2 definitions]
crusade (often cap.) any of the several attempts of medieval European Christians to recover and then defend the Holy Lands in and around Palestine from the Muslims. [4 definitions]
crusado a silver or gold coin formerly minted in Portugal featuring the image of a cross.
cruse a small, usu. clay container for holding liquids such as oil or wine.
crush to press or squeeze so as to flatten or cause to lose shape. [11 definitions]
crushable combined form of crush.