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cuckold a man whose wife has sexual relations with someone else. [2 definitions]
cuckoo any of several slender grayish to brownish birds of Europe and America, some of which have a distinctive two-note call. [5 definitions]
cuckoo clock a clock that conceals a mechanical bird that pops out of a little door to announce the hour with sounds resembling the cry of a cuckoo.
cuckoopint a European arum similar to the jack-in-the-pulpit.
cuckoo spit a foamy substance secreted on plants by spittlebug nymphs to cover and protect their larvae. [2 definitions]
cucullate shaped like a cowl or hood.
cucumber an edible fruit of a creeping vine, usu. long and cylindrical with a hard green skin and greenish white flesh. [2 definitions]
cud a quantity of food that certain animals such as cows bring up from the first stomach to chew again.
cudbear a purple dye obtained from lichens.
cuddle to hug and caress with affection and tenderness, usu. while sitting or reclining. [3 definitions]
cuddy a small cabin, galley, or pantry on a ship.
cudgel a short heavy club, usu. used as a weapon. [2 definitions]
cue1 in theater, anything done or said that is a signal for speech or action on the stage. [3 definitions]
cue2 a long stick, narrow at the tip, that is used by pool and billiards players to hit the ball. [4 definitions]
cue ball the solid white ball set in motion by the cue in pool and billiards.
cue card a large card displaying a television performer's lines, used as a prompt for the performer but kept out of the audience's view.
cuff1 a folded over and usu. sewn piece of material at the end of a shirt sleeve or pants leg, serving as trimming. [4 definitions]
cuff2 to hit or slap, esp. with an open hand. [2 definitions]
cuff link either of a pair of linked buttons or other small device inserted into the buttonholes of a cuff to keep it closed.
cui bono the legal principle that the responsibility for a certain act is likely to lie with one who had something to gain as a result of that act. [2 definitions]
cuirass a piece of close-fitting armor that protects the chest and back. [4 definitions]