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cum laude with honor (used to indicate good academic performance).
cummerbund a wide, often pleated band worn about a man's waist and under his dinner jacket or other formal attire.
cumquat variant of kumquat.
cumulate accumulate; amass. [2 definitions]
cumulative becoming larger or greater by means of gradual addition. [2 definitions]
cumulonimbus a tall, large, and dense cloud associated with heavy rain or hail; thundercloud.
cumulus a large, puffy, white cloud with a flat base. [2 definitions]
cuneate shaped like a wedge. [2 definitions]
cuneiform in the shape of a wedge. [4 definitions]
cunning adept at subtle or deceptive planning or action; crafty; shrewd. [4 definitions]
cunt (vulgar) the vulva or vagina. [3 definitions]
cup a small, wide-mouthed container used for drinking such things as coffee or tea. [7 definitions]
cupbearer someone who pours and serves cups of wine, as in a royal household.
cupboard a cabinet with shelves designed for storage of food, dishes, clothing, or the like.
cupcake a little cake baked in a mold roughly the size and shape of a cup.
cupful the quantity that fills one cup; cup.
Cupid in Roman mythology, the god of love; Amor; Eros. [2 definitions]
cupidity exceptional desire for money or other material possessions; greed.
cup of tea someone or something that is particularly well liked by or well suited to one.
cupola a dome, esp. one that covers all of the underlying structure, as of a circular or hexagonal room. [2 definitions]
cuppa (chiefly British; informal) cup of tea.