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cupreous composed of or resembling copper; coppery.
cupric of or composed of copper, esp. divalent copper.
cupro- copper.
cupronickel an alloy of copper containing nickel, used to make coins and hardware.
cuprous of or composed of monovalent copper.
cur an unpleasant or mean dog, esp. one of mixed breed. [2 definitions]
curable able to be cured or healed.
Curaçao a Dutch Caribbean island, northeast of Venezuela. [2 definitions]
curacy the position, duties, or term in office of a curate.
curare a resinous extract of certain South American plants, used as an arrow poison or as a drug for relaxing muscles. [2 definitions]
curate a parish priest. [2 definitions]
curative capable of curing illness or disease. [2 definitions]
curator one who oversees the activities and tends the collections of a museum, library, or the like.
curb a usu. raised border of concrete, stone, or brick along the outer edge of a paved street or sidewalk. [4 definitions]
curbing the material used to make a street curb. [2 definitions]
curb roof a roof with two or more slopes on each side, as a gambrel or mansard roof.
curbstone the stone or stones used to form a curb.
curculio any of several weevils that consume fruits and vegetables.
curd (sometimes pl.) a soft, diffuse solid obtained from milk that can be eaten or made into cheese. [3 definitions]
curdle to turn into curd; coagulate.
curé in France, a parish priest.