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curling iron a metal implement in the form of a rod that is heated, around which hair is wrapped in order to curl or wave it.
curl up to get into a comfortable sitting or reclining position.
curly having curls or tending to curl, as hair.
curmudgeon an irritable or ill-tempered person.
currant a small seedless raisin. [3 definitions]
currency any money in circulation as a valid means of trade or exchange. [2 definitions]
current happening in or belonging to the present time. [5 definitions]
current affairs events of a political, societal, or economic nature that are occurring in the present time and are often covered in the media.
currently at the present time; now.
curricle a two-wheeled open light carriage pulled by two horses abreast.
curriculum a set of required or prescribed courses of study to be fulfilled for a particular degree. [2 definitions]
curriculum vitae a brief summary of one's professional history and qualifications, submitted with a job application; vita; résumé.
currish of or characteristic of a cur. [3 definitions]
curry1 any of a large variety of Eastern, esp. Indian, dishes made with numerous spices, such as cumin, coriander, and turmeric. [3 definitions]
curry2 to comb and groom (a horse) by using a currycomb. [2 definitions]
currycomb a metal comb used to groom horses. [2 definitions]
curry favor to attempt to gain approval by servile behavior or flattery.
curry powder a mixture of spices such as turmeric and coriander, used as a seasoning.
curse an expression of a desire that someone or something might suffer lasting misfortune, or, in tales of magic, a spell that brings lasting misfortune. [9 definitions]
cursed worthy of being detested or hated. [2 definitions]
curse word a word that is considered to be obscene or profane, esp. when it is used to condemn or to express anger.