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curve an arc of a circle or any line resembling such a segment. [7 definitions]
curve ball a baseball pitch in which the ball curves toward the opposite side from which it was thrown. [2 definitions]
curved having the shape of a curve; not straight or angular.
curvet an advanced dressage figure in which a horse must rear and then spring forward onto its forelegs with the hind legs fully outstretched. [2 definitions]
curvilinear made of or enclosed by one or more curved lines.
curvy having many curves. [2 definitions]
cusec a unit for measuring volume of flowing fluid, equal to one cubic foot per second.
Cushing's disease a disease caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland and characterized by obesity, hypertension, muscular weakness, and diabetes.
cushion a soft envelope of fabric that is filled with feathers, air, foam rubber, or the like and used for decoration or to make surfaces more comfortable; pillow. [5 definitions]
cushionless combined form of cushion.
Cushitic a subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages, spoken in Ethiopia, Somalia, and other parts of eastern Africa. [2 definitions]
cusp a pointed end, as on the chewing surface of a tooth. [3 definitions]
cuspid one of the pointed teeth at either side of the front teeth; canine tooth.
cuspidate having a cusp or cusps. [2 definitions]
cuspidor a vessel designed to spit in; spittoon.
cuss (informal) to swear or curse. [3 definitions]
custard a cooked dessert made with eggs, milk, sugar, and flavorings.
custard apple a round fruit with a soft, custardlike pulp that grows on various tropical American shrubs and trees; papaw. [2 definitions]
custodian someone entrusted with the care or custody of something. [2 definitions]
custody the legal right to control and take care of something or someone. [3 definitions]
custom an accepted or traditional practice, either of an individual or a social group. [8 definitions]