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custodian someone entrusted with the care or custody of something. [2 definitions]
custody the legal right to control and take care of something or someone. [3 definitions]
custom an accepted or traditional practice, either of an individual or a social group. [8 definitions]
customary done or practiced according to custom or tradition; usual. [3 definitions]
custom-built built specially for particular individuals; custom-made.
customer one who buys goods or services; shopper; patron. [2 definitions]
customhouse a government office or building, usu. at a seaport, where customs on imports are collected and ships are cleared to enter or leave port.
customize to make or change according to the specifications of the customer.
custom-made made specially for particular individuals.
cut to pierce, slice, or hew with a sharp-edged implement such as a knife, ax, saw, or scissors. [25 definitions]
cutaneous of, concerning, or having an effect upon skin.
cutaway of a coat, tapering downward from the waist toward the tails at the back. [4 definitions]
cutaway shot in a film, a sudden shift of the scene away from the main action to an apparently unrelated event.
cut a wide swath to attract considerable attention; make a big impression.
cutback a reduction, as in employees or production. [2 definitions]
cut back to reduce (a plant) in size by cutting off parts. [2 definitions]
cut bank a steep riverbank, esp. one formed by erosion along a bend in a river.
cut corners to do something in an easier and more expedient manner, often at the expense of quality or care in its execution.
cut down to decrease the amount of something (often fol. by "on"). [4 definitions]
cute attractive or charming in a sweet or heartwarming way; darling. [3 definitions]
cutesy (informal) straining to be attractive, clever, or the like; affected, forced, or in questionable taste.