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cuttlefish any of several mollusks with calcified internal shells and ten tentacles attached to the head.
cutup (informal) someone who habitually tries to be funny or plays pranks.
cutwater the forward edge of a ship's prow. [2 definitions]
cutwork openwork embroidery in which some of the fabric is cut out from the design.
cutworm a caterpillar that feeds by night on a wide variety of plants, characteristically cutting through the plant stems at ground level.
-cy condition; quality. [3 definitions]
cyanamide a caustic, white, unstable compound prepared by the reaction of calcium cyanamide with sulfuric acid and used in chemical production.
cyanate a salt or ester of cyanic acid.
cyanic containing cyanogen. [2 definitions]
cyanic acid a colorless, poisonous, volatile acid with a pronounced odor of almonds.
cyanide a chemical compound that contains one carbon and one nitrogen atom together with another element such as potassium or sodium, both of which form extremely poisonous substances. [2 definitions]
cyanine any of several dyes that are used to sensitize photographic film to certain colors.
cyano- dark blue. [2 definitions]
cyanocobalamin a form of vitamin B12.
cyanogen a poisonous organic gas of carbon and nitrogen that is used for chemical warfare, as a rocket propellant, and in organic synthesis.
cyanosis the medical condition of bluish skin caused by lack of oxygen in the blood.
cyber- of, pertaining to, made by, or existing only on computers.
cyberbully a person who posts hurtful electronic messages on the internet with the intent of bullying another person. [2 definitions]
cyberbullying bullying that is done by posting hurtful electronic messages on the internet.
cybernation the use of computers to control and operate equipment, as in manufacturing.
cybernetics (used with a sing. verb) the science concerned with biological control and communication processes and their imitation by mechanical and electronic devices.