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cyanocobalamin a form of vitamin B12.
cyanogen a poisonous organic gas of carbon and nitrogen that is used for chemical warfare, as a rocket propellant, and in organic synthesis.
cyanosis the medical condition of bluish skin caused by lack of oxygen in the blood.
cyber- of, pertaining to, made by, or existing only on computers.
cyberbully a person who posts hurtful electronic messages on the internet with the intent of bullying another person. [2 definitions]
cyberbullying bullying that is done by posting hurtful electronic messages on the internet.
cybernation the use of computers to control and operate equipment, as in manufacturing.
cybernetics (used with a sing. verb) the science concerned with biological control and communication processes and their imitation by mechanical and electronic devices.
cyberspace the electronic medium of globally networked computers, esp. when conceived of as a three-dimensional space where online communication and transactions take place.
cyberterrorism damage to or disruption of computer systems by terrorists, or the use of computer systems in terrorist activities.
cycad a tropical evergreen plant resembling a palm, but having fernlike leaves.
cyclamate any of several noncaloric artificial sweeteners.
cyclamen any of various plants of the primrose family that bear brightly colored flowers and heart-shaped leaves.
cycle a circle of events that repeats in a regular pattern. [7 definitions]
cycle rickshaw a type of transportation originating in Asia, having three wheels and two passenger seats, and powered by a person pedaling; pedicab; bicycle rickshaw.
cyclic pertaining to, forming, or recurring in a cycle. [2 definitions]
cyclical pertaining to, forming, or recurring in a cycle. [3 definitions]
cycling the activity or competitive sport of riding or racing on a bicycle. [2 definitions]
cyclist one who rides a bicycle, motorcycle, or the like.
cyclizine an antihistamine used to combat nausea and motion sickness.
cyclo- cycle; circle; ring. [2 definitions]