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cyclopedia an encyclopedia.
cyclophosphamide a chemotherapeutic drug that suppresses the immune system, used esp. in the treatment of lymphomas.
Cyclops in Greek mythology, any of several giants having only one eye, in the middle of the forehead. [2 definitions]
cyclorama a large composite picture put on the wall of a circular room to appear in a natural perspective to a person in the center of the room. [2 definitions]
cyclotron a device for accelerating charged particles to very high energies in a spiral path using a fixed magnetic field and an alternating electric field.
cygnet a young swan.
Cygnus a summer constellation in the northern sky that is shaped like a cross, located between Cepheus and Aquila and containing the bright star Deneb and a double star; Swan; Northern Cross.
cyl. abbreviation of "cylinder."
cylinder in geometry, a surface or volume described by a straight line tracing a closed curve, esp. a circle, at a fixed angle, usu. a right angle, in two parallel planes. [5 definitions]
cylinder head of the cylinder in an internal-combustion engine, the closed, often detachable end opposite to that from which the piston or connecting rod projects.
cylindrical of, concerning, or in the shape of a cylinder.
cymbal a concave circular percussion instrument of brass or bronze, played either in pairs that are struck together or singly with drumsticks or brushes.
cymbidium any of various tropical Asiatic orchids that bear showy blossoms, usu. on long stalks.
cyme a flower cluster that blooms from the center to the edges, and whose main stem is always topped by a flower.
Cymric of or concerning the Celtic people of Wales, or their language.
Cymry (used with a pl. verb) a branch of the Celtic peoples, including the Welsh, the Cornish, and the Bretons.
cynic one who believes that selfishness is the basic motivation behind all actions.
cynical showing little or no faith in human nature; distrustful or contemptuous of others' motives. [2 definitions]
cynicism a cynical character, attitude, or quality.
cynosure a thing or person that is the center of attention and admiration.
cypress one of a group of evergreen trees having tiny scale-like leaves, or the branches or wood of such a tree. [2 definitions]