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cypress one of a group of evergreen trees having tiny scale-like leaves, or the branches or wood of such a tree. [2 definitions]
Cyprian see "Cypriot."
cyprinoid any of various bony freshwater fishes, such as the carp, sucker, and minnow.
Cypriot a native or citizen of Cyprus, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
cypripedium any of various ground-rooted orchids that have flat leaves and bear flowers having pouchlike lip petals, such as the lady's-slipper. [2 definitions]
Cyprus a Mediterranean island country near the southeastern coast of Turkey.
Cyrillic designating or concerning the alphabet used in Russia, Bulgaria, and other Slavic countries.
-cyst sac; cavity; vesicle; bladder.
cyst a fluid-filled vesicle or sac within body tissue, sometimes a pathological development but most often not. [3 definitions]
cystectomy the surgical removal of a cyst, or of all or part of a bladder.
cysteine a sulfur-containing, semi-essential amino acid occurring in proteins. One cysteine within a protein can react with another to form a disulfide bond.
cystic of, resembling, having, or enclosed in a cyst or cysts. [2 definitions]
cysticercus the larva of any of several tapeworms, consisting of a headlike part enclosed in a fluid-filled sac; bladderworm.
cystic fibrosis a congenital disease usu. developing in childhood and characterized by poor digestion, breathing difficulties, and pancreatic inflammation.
cystitis inflammation of the urinary bladder.
cysto- bladder; sac.
cystoscope an instrument for examining the urinary bladder and passages.
-cyte cell.
cyto- cell.
cytogenetics (used with a sing. verb) the study of heredity using the sciences of cytology and genetics.
cytokine any of a group of secretory proteins involved in intercellular communication, some of which help mediate inflammation and the immune response.