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daddy-longlegs (used with a sing. or pl. verb) any of various spiderlike arachnids that have a small, rounded body and extremely long, thin legs; harvestman.
dado in architecture, the section of a pedestal between the top and bottom moldings. [3 definitions]
Daedalus in Greek mythology, an artist who made wings for himself and his son Icarus to escape from the Labyrinth in Crete.
daemon a god or secondary deity. [3 definitions]
daffodil a plant with bell-shaped, usu. yellow flowers on tall stems. [2 definitions]
daffy (informal) silly, foolish, crazy, or weak-minded in mood or temperament.
daft lacking good sense; insane; witless. [2 definitions]
dagger a short, pointed, swordlike weapon with two sharp edges. [3 definitions]
dago (offensive slang) a person of Italian or sometimes Spanish descent.
daguerreotype an early process of photography that used a silvered metal plate rather than film. [2 definitions]
Dagwood sandwich (informal) a many-layered, ludicrously large sandwich with a wide variety of fillings.
dahlia any of several garden plants having tuberous roots and large showy flowers in a variety of colors. [2 definitions]
dahoon an evergreen shrub or low tree that bears red berries and is grown in the southeastern United States as a hedge.
daikon a large white Japanese radish.
Dail Eireann the lower house of parliament in the Republic of Ireland.
daily occurring every day; used every day. [4 definitions]
daily double a bet that may be won only by picking both winners in two different races on the same day, as in horse racing.
daily dozen (informal) a set of twelve or more calisthenic exercises that are performed daily.
daimon variant of daemon.
dainty small and delicate. [4 definitions]
daiquiri a cocktail made of rum, lime juice, and sugar.