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damned condemned, esp. to hell. [4 definitions]
damn it used to express anger or frustration.
Damocles in Greek legend, a man who was placed under a sword that hung by a single hair, to learn of the perilous nature of a ruler's life.
damp slightly wet; not completely dry. [8 definitions]
damp-dry to dry (laundry) partially so that some moisture is retained.
dampen to make moist. [3 definitions]
damper a person or thing that damps or dampens, esp. one that restrains or controls. [2 definitions]
damsel a young woman or maiden, esp., in the distant past, one of noble birth.
damselfish any of a group of brightly colored marine fish from the family Pomacentridae, living esp. among coral reefs.
damselfly any of various insects resembling small dragonflies but having wings that fold over the body when they are at rest.
damson a species of plum tree. [2 definitions]
Dan according to the Old Testament, the fifth son of Jacob. [2 definitions]
Danaides in Greek legend, the daughters of Danaus, king of Argos, who murdered their husbands and were condemned in Hades to draw water forever with a perforated vessel.
Da Nang a port city in central Vietnam on the China Sea, site of an important U.S. military base during the Vietnam War.
dance to move the body in a rhythmic sequence, usu. in a prescribed fashion and usu. to music. [9 definitions]
danceable combined form of dance.
dance hall a usu. public establishment that charges an admission price and provides space, music, and sometimes partners for dancing.
dancer one who dances or whose profession is dancing.
dancing the activity of moving the body to music for enjoyment.
D and C abbreviation of "dilatation and curettage," a surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated and the uterine lining is scraped with a curette.
dandelion a low-growing weedy plant with notched leaves and yellow flowers. [2 definitions]