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Darwinian theory Charles Darwin's theory that plants and animals evolved from early primitive life forms with variation caused by natural selection and survival of the fittest. (See evolution.)
Darwinism the Darwinian theory. [2 definitions]
dash to hurl or thrust (something) violently, esp. so as to break or shatter. [12 definitions]
dashboard in an automobile or other vehicle, a panel below the windshield containing dials, controls, and compartments.
dashi a broth used in Japanese cookery that is typically made from dried bonito, kelp, or sardine, or a combination of these.
dashiki a loose, brightly colored tunic or pullover shirt of African origin.
dashing bold and gallant; exciting; daring. [2 definitions]
dash light a light used to illuminate the instrument panel of a motor vehicle, esp. at night.
dassent (dialectal) a regional pronunciation of "darest not," "darest" being an older second person singular, present tense form of the verb "dare."
dastard a coward who sneakily does harm. [2 definitions]
dastardly cowardly; mean; sneaky.
dasymeter an instrument for measuring gas density.
dasyure any of various small nocturnal Australian marsupials, including the Tasmanian devil, that eat insects or flesh.
data (used with a sing. or pl. verb) plural form of datum, an individual piece of information that is used to draw a conclusion.
database a large collection of information arranged for quick retrieval, updating, or the like, esp. such a collection in a computer.
data processing the recording, organizing, and storing of information, esp. by computers, in accordance with strictly defined procedures.
data processor a person who compiles data or enters data into a computer for processing. [2 definitions]
data set a collection of data records to be analyzed.
date1 a specific day or point in time, usu. described by indicating the month, day, and year. [11 definitions]
date2 the edible fruit of the date palm tree of the Middle East.
dated having a date. [2 definitions]