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death house a prison building where prisoners awaiting execution are housed, and where execution takes place.
death knell the sounding of a death bell. [2 definitions]
deathless not subject to dying; enduring forever; immortal. [2 definitions]
deathly causing death; fatal; lethal. [4 definitions]
death mask a cast of a corpse's face.
death penalty a sentence of death as punishment for a crime; capital punishment.
death rate the number of deaths per unit of time for a given area or group.
death rattle a gurgling or rattling sound that sometimes issues from a dying person who can no longer cough up mucus in the throat; rale.
death row a part of a prison where prisoners awaiting execution are housed.
death's-head a human skull, or portrayal thereof, esp. as a symbol of death.
death's head moth a large European hawk moth that has markings on its back resembling a human skull.
death squad a group, such as a firing squad or hired assassins, that carries out executions, esp. political ones.
death tax see "inheritance tax."
deathtrap a place or situation in which death could readily occur, such as an unsafe building.
death warrant an official authorization to carry out execution of a death sentence. [2 definitions]
deathwatch the act of waiting by or near the side of a dead or dying person. [3 definitions]
death wish a usu. unconscious desire for one's own or another's death.
deb (informal) a debutante.
debacle a sudden collapse into disaster; downfall. [3 definitions]
debar to shut out; exclude. [2 definitions]
debark1 to put or go ashore, as from a ship; disembark.