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decagram a unit of weight equal to ten grams or 0.353 ounce.
decahedron in geometry, a ten-faced solid figure.
decal a design or picture transferred or made to be transferred from specially prepared paper to glass, metal, wood, or the like.
decalcify to remove calcium or its compounds from (a bone or the like).
decalcomania the process of making decals.
decaliter a unit of capacity equal to ten liters or 2.642 gallons.
Decalogue the Ten Commandments.
decameter a unit of length equal to ten meters or 32.808 feet.
decamp to go away suddenly or secretly. [2 definitions]
decant to pour (wine or other liquid) carefully, so as not to stir up sediment. [2 definitions]
decanter a stoppered, decorative glass bottle for serving wine, brandy, or the like.
decapitate to cut off the head of; behead.
decapod one of a group of crustaceans having ten legs, including crabs, lobsters, and shrimps. [2 definitions]
decarbonate to remove carbon dioxide gas or bubbles from.
decarbonize to remove carbon or soot from.
decarboxylate to remove a carbonyl group from (an organic compound), resulting in the emission of carbon dioxide.
decastere a unit of volume equal to ten steres or cubic meters or 13.079 cubic yards.
decasyllable a word or line of poetry having ten syllables.
decathlete one who participates in a decathlon.
decathlon an athletic contest in which each participant competes in ten different track and field events over a period of two days.
decay to rot or become rotted; decompose. [8 definitions]