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decillion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1033. [2 definitions]
decimal pertaining to the number ten or to tenths. [5 definitions]
decimal classification a system of organizing books in libraries using numbers with decimals.
decimal fraction a fraction whose denominator is some power of ten, indicated by a decimal point before the numerator, such as .7, equaling seven tenths, or .015, equaling fifteen thousandths. (Cf. common fraction.)
decimal point a period placed before the numerator in a decimal fraction.
decimal system a numbering or measuring system based on the number ten. [2 definitions]
decimate to destroy a large part or number of. [2 definitions]
decimation the act of destroying a large part or number of something.
decimeter a unit of length equal to one tenth of a meter or 3.937 inches.
decipher to convert from a coded form to ordinary language; decode. [2 definitions]
decipherable combined form of decipher.
decision the act of deciding, or the judgement, choice, or resolution that one has come to after considering a matter. [2 definitions]
decisive having the power or character to make decisions or end disputes. [2 definitions]
decistere a unit of volume equal to one tenth of a stere or cubic meter or 3.532 cubic feet.
deck a horizontal platform or floor that extends from side to side of a ship and that may have other platforms above or below it. [6 definitions]
deck chair a lightweight folding chair, often with a full-length leg rest, often used on passenger ships.
-decker something that has (so many) decks, layers, or the like. [2 definitions]
deck hand a seaman employed mostly on the deck of a vessel.
deckle a framework or edging piece used in some papermaking to control the size of the sheets.
deckle edge the irregular, untrimmed edge characterizing handmade paper, or an edge made to look like this.
declaim to speak in a formal manner; deliver a speech. [4 definitions]