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dell a small, secluded vale or valley, usu. wooded.
Delmonico steak (sometimes l.c.) a beefsteak cut from the forward end of the short loin; club steak.
Delos a small island in the Aegean archipelago sacred as the birth place of the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis.
delouse to kill or remove lice on or from (a person, animal, or thing).
Delphi an ancient town in central Greece; site of the oracle of Apollo.
Delphic of or concerning the oracle of Apollo in ancient Greece.
delphinium a cultivated plant related to the buttercup that bears tall, showy spikes of flowers; larkspur.
Delphinus a summer constellation in the northern sky, located between Pegasus and Aquila; Dolphin.
delta the name of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
delta ray any particle emitted from matter following bombardment by ionizing radiation.
delta wave a low-frequency electric brain wave present during deep sleep in normal adults; delta rhythm.
delta wing the triangular wing of certain usu. supersonic aircraft, which provides not only lift but also horizontal stabilization.
deltoid a thick, triangular muscle that covers the shoulder joint and functions to raise the arm laterally. [3 definitions]
delude to cause to hold a false belief; mislead; deceive.
deluge an inundation of the land by a great quantity of water; flood. [5 definitions]
delusion the act of deluding; or the condition of being deluded. [2 definitions]
delusive tending to mislead or deceive. [2 definitions]
deluxe especially sumptuous, elegant, or expensive. [2 definitions]
delve to make a careful, thoroughgoing search, as for information.
demagnetize to remove or neutralize the magnetic properties of.
demagogic resembling, pertaining to, or characteristic of a demagogue.