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depolarize to remove, destroy, or counteract polarity or polarization.
deponent someone who makes a sworn statement, esp. in written form.
depopulate to eliminate or decrease vastly the number of people in (a place), as by eviction, disease, or slaughter.
deport to eject from a country under the law.
deportable combined form of deport.
deportation the legal expulsion from a country of an undesirable person, esp. an illegal alien or criminal.
deportment the way someone acts; behavior; demeanor.
depose to deprive of rank or office, esp. from an important position such as that of king. [3 definitions]
deposit to hand over, esp. for safekeeping, as to a bank account. [10 definitions]
depositary a person or firm that is given responsibility for something; trustee. [2 definitions]
deposition a sworn statement, usu. in writing, for use as testimony by an absent witness in a court of law. [3 definitions]
depositor a person who deposits something, such as money in a bank.
depository any place used for depositing things, esp. a safe place. [2 definitions]
depot a bus or train station. [2 definitions]
deprave to change for the worse, esp. morally; corrupt; pervert.
depravity moral corruption; wickedness. [2 definitions]
deprecate to disparage or treat as having small value; depreciate. [2 definitions]
deprecatory expressing disapproval; deprecating.
depreciate to lower the cost or value of, esp. of property for tax purposes, or of money. [3 definitions]
depreciation a decrease in value due to aging, wear, or the like. [4 definitions]
depredation a despoiling, robbing, or preying upon.