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dextrorse growing upward in a spiral from left to right, as many climbing plants. (Cf. sinistrorse.)
dextrose a form of sugar that occurs naturally in plant and animal tissue or is synthesized from starch. (See glucose.)
dextrous variant of dexterous.
DFC abbreviation of "Distinguished Flying Cross."
DH abbreviation of "designated hitter," in the American League in baseball, a team member chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
dharma in Buddhism and Hinduism, the underlying nature, as of the universe or one's self; essence. [2 definitions]
dhow a vessel having a lateen sail or sails, sometimes having a raised deck at the stern, used primarily by Arabs along the coast of the Indian Ocean.
DHS an abbreviation for "Department of Homeland Security." The DHS is the part of the U.S. government that deals with immigration and naturalization. It also tries to protect the country from terrorism.
dhurrie a flat Indian rug coarsely woven of cotton or wool.
DI abbreviation of "drill instructor."
di-1 two; double; twice.
di-2 away; apart.
di-3 through. [2 definitions]
dia- through; across. [2 definitions]
diabetes any of several metabolic diseases affecting the body's use of blood sugars or the intake and excretion of fluids, such as diabetes mellitus, which requires periodic injections of insulin.
diabetes insipidus a disorder of the pituitary gland, characterized by frequent and excessive urination and intense thirst.
diabetes mellitus a chronic and potentially fatal form of diabetes characterized by insulin deficiency, excess sugar in the blood and urine, and abnormal thirst and hunger.
diabetic of, having, or resulting from diabetes. [2 definitions]
diabolic of the Devil or a devil.
diabolical having qualities like those of the Devil or a devil; fiendish; malevolent.
diabolism worship of, or soliciting the help of, the devil or demons; Satanism. [2 definitions]