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dietetics (used with a sing. verb) the science of diet as it relates to nutrition and health.
diethylstilbestrol a synthetic estrogen formerly used to treat the symptoms of menopause and to supplement animal feed, but now banned in the United States as carcinogenic.
dietitian a person who specializes in diet as it relates to nutrition and health.
dif- not. [2 definitions]
differ to not be the same as; be unlike. [3 definitions]
difference the condition of differing; unlikeness. [5 definitions]
different not the same; unlike. [4 definitions]
differentia a distinguishing character or attribute, as of one species of animal or plant in relation to others of the same genus.
differential being, characterized by, or causing a difference or distinction. [8 definitions]
differential calculus the branch of mathematics that has to do with differentials and their application.
differential equation an equation that contains differentials.
differential gear an arrangement of gears on the rear axle of an automobile that allows one wheel to turn faster than another during turns.
differentiate to perceive differences or distinctions between. [6 definitions]
differentiation the act of differentiating, or the process or condition of being differentiated. [2 definitions]
differently in another or new way. [2 definitions]
difficult hard to accomplish or understand. [3 definitions]
difficulty the quality or condition of being difficult. [6 definitions]
diffidence reticence; shyness.
diffident unsure of oneself; shy; demure. [2 definitions]
diffract to cause diffraction of, or undergo diffraction.
diffraction modification of light or other waves by partially obstructing them so that they bend around the obstruction and break into bands of different frequencies.