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dilemma a problem situation that requires a choice between equally undesirable solutions or that resists satisfactory solution. [2 definitions]
dilettante one who pursues an activity or interest in a superficial or frivolous way; dabbler. [2 definitions]
diligence careful and sustained effort.
diligent continually attending to and striving to achieve a goal; assiduous; persevering. [2 definitions]
dill an aromatic herb of the celery family, or its fine leaves or seeds used as flavoring or medicine. [2 definitions]
dill pickle a pickled cucumber flavored with dill.
dilly (informal) something exceptional of its kind.
dilly-dally to waste time by hesitating or loitering; dawdle.
diluent causing dilution; diluting. [2 definitions]
dilute to make (a solution) thinner or less concentrated by adding more solvent. [4 definitions]
dilution the act of diluting or state of being diluted. [2 definitions]
diluvial of or caused by a glacier or flood.
dim poorly lighted. [9 definitions]
dime a coin of the United States and Canada equaling ten cents.
dimenhydrinate a crystalline antihistamine used to control motion sickness and allergies.
dime novel a cheap paperback novel with much adventure or romance.
dimension size as measured in a particular direction such as height, width, or depth. [5 definitions]
dimensionless combined form of dimension.
dime store a store that sells mostly inexpensive products; five-and-ten.
diminish to decrease or abate; dwindle. [3 definitions]
diminishable combined form of diminish.