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directional signal any of the lights on a motor vehicle that flash to indicate that the vehicle is about to turn and to show the direction in which it will turn. Directional signals are located on both the front and rear of the vehicle and are activated by the driver; turn signal.
direction finder a device for ascertaining the direction of incoming radio waves or signals, consisting of a loop antenna that rotates.
directionless lacking a clear direction, goal, or purpose.
directions information on which way to go or how to do something.
directive providing direction or indication. [2 definitions]
directly in a direct line or way; straight. [4 definitions]
direct mail advertisements, appeals for donations, and the like, mailed to a large number of people.
direct object in grammar, the element of a sentence that represents the object, goal, or receiver of the action of a verb, such as "the ball" in "She kicked the ball." (Cf. indirect object, subject.)
director one person, or one of a committee of persons, who guides the affairs of a corporation, association, agency, or other organization. [3 definitions]
directorate the office or position of a director. [2 definitions]
directory an index of names, locations, and often other data, such as a listing of telephone subscribers' names, addresses, and telephone numbers, or a listing of building occupants and their room numbers. [4 definitions]
direct primary election a preliminary election in which candidates for public office are nominated by direct vote of the people. (Cf. closed primary election.)
direct tax a tax collected by the government directly from the person who must pay it, such as income tax or property tax.
direful awful; terrible. [2 definitions]
dirge a song or hymn for a funeral or memorial for the dead. [2 definitions]
dirham the chief monetary unit of Morocco, equaling one hundred centimes. [3 definitions]
dirigible an airship that can be steered or guided, such as a blimp. [2 definitions]
dirk a dagger with a long straight blade. [2 definitions]
dirndl a full, gathered skirt, or a dress with such a skirt, usu. in bright colors.
dirt loose earth or soil. [5 definitions]
dirt bike a motorbike equipped to travel off paved roads.