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disarray to upset or throw into disorder or confusion. [4 definitions]
disassemble to take apart. [2 definitions]
disassociate to put to an end an association with (persons, causes, or the like); dissociate.
disaster a sudden calamity, esp. one causing widespread damage or suffering such as an earthquake, flood, oil spill, or fire. [2 definitions]
disastrous causing grave harm, loss, ruin, or the like; tragic or calamitous.
disavow to deny any knowledge of, responsibility for, or connection with; disclaim. [3 definitions]
disavowable combined form of disavow.
disband of an organized group, to break up or disperse. [2 definitions]
disbar to expel officially from the legal profession.
disbelief a lack of belief; refusal or unwillingness to believe.
disbelieve to refuse to believe in; withhold belief from. [2 definitions]
disburden to unload or relieve (someone or something) of anything burdensome; take a burden from. [3 definitions]
disburse to pay out (funds); spend. [2 definitions]
disbursement the act or an instance of paying out. [2 definitions]
disc a phonograph record. [2 definitions]
discard to throw out or away; cast off. [5 definitions]
discardable combined form of discard.
disc brake a brake that operates by use of pressure exerted from two fixed pads against a rotating disc, as in an automobile.
discern to perceive, make out, or detect. [3 definitions]
discernable combined form of discern.
discernible able to be perceived or distinguished.