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disciplinary of or related to discipline, training, or punishment.
discipline training of the body or mind according to rules or principles. [7 definitions]
disciplined exercising control over one's self and behavior, particularly in the form of regimens of work, training, and the like. [2 definitions]
disc jockey one who plays recorded music and provides commentary over the radio or at an event or venue.
disclaim to deny (as any knowledge of, responsibility for, or connection with). [4 definitions]
disclaimer a denial or repudiation of a claim or connection. [3 definitions]
disclose to make known; reveal. [2 definitions]
disclosure the act or process of making known, uncovering, or exposing. [2 definitions]
disco a nightclub for dancing, usu. to recorded music; discotheque. [4 definitions]
discobolus one who throws a discus.
discography the classification or study of phonograph records. [2 definitions]
discoid of the shape of a disk. [3 definitions]
discolor to remove, change, or spoil the color of; cause to fade; stain. [2 definitions]
discoloration a discolored mark or area. [2 definitions]
discombobulate (informal) to confuse or disconcert.
discomfit to upset or confuse. [2 definitions]
discomfiture confusion or discomfort. [2 definitions]
discomfort uneasiness, pain, or distress of mind or body. [3 definitions]
discomfortable combined form of discomfort.
discommode to inconvenience or trouble.
discompose to upset the composure of; perturb; agitate. [2 definitions]