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disconcert to upset the calm or self-assurance of; ruffle. [2 definitions]
disconcerted confused, uneasy, or disturbed.
disconcerting disturbing, confusing, or unsettling; disquieting.
disconnect to break off or interrupt the connection of or between. [3 definitions]
disconnected not connected; separated. [2 definitions]
disconsolate hopelessly unhappy; dejected. [2 definitions]
discontent not content or satisfied; discontented. [4 definitions]
discontented dissatisfied or restlessly unhappy; not contented.
discontinuance the act of stopping or condition of being stopped; interruption. [2 definitions]
discontinue to stop or put an end to. [5 definitions]
discontinuity lack of coherence or continuity. [2 definitions]
discontinuous interrupted or intermittent; not continuous.
discophile one who collects and is esp. knowledgeable about phonograph records.
discord lack of agreement or harmony among persons or things; disagreement; conflict. [3 definitions]
discordance the state or an instance of disagreement or disharmony. [2 definitions]
discordant in conflict or disagreement. [2 definitions]
discotheque a nightclub for dancing, usu. with recorded, amplified music; disco.
discount to deduct (an amount or percentage) from a cost or price. [12 definitions]
discountable combined form of discount.
discountenance to embarrass or disconcert. [2 definitions]
discount house a store that regularly sells merchandise for less than the usual retail prices; discount store.