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discussion the act or an instance of discussing, or, collectively, the various things said while discussing.
disdain to regard or treat with contempt; scorn. [3 definitions]
disdainful feeling or showing scorn, contempt, or aloofness.
disease an abnormal physical or mental condition that causes an organism to function wrongly; illness; sickness. [2 definitions]
diseased affected by disease or illness.
disease resistance in an organism or group of organisms, a quality of low susceptibility to disease.
disease-resistent of or pertaining to disease resistance.
disease-ridden full of or capable of bringing about disease.
disembark to put or go ashore from a ship.
disembarrass to rid or free (someone) from something embarrassing, frustrating, burdensome, or the like; relieve.
disembody to take away or free (the soul or spirit) from the body.
disembowel to remove the bowels or guts from.
disenchant to make free of enchantment or illusion.
disencumber to remove encumbrances or burdens from.
disenfranchise to deprive (someone) of a right of citizenship, esp. the right to vote; disfranchise. [2 definitions]
disengage to release from engagement, connection, or responsibility. [4 definitions]
disengagement the act of disengaging or state of being disengaged. [2 definitions]
disentangle to free or become free from entanglement or involvement; extricate.
disequilibrium a lack or loss of stability, balance, or equilibrium, esp. in the economy.
disestablish to end or change the established status of. [2 definitions]
disesteem to disfavor, disrespect, or have low regard for. [2 definitions]