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dish antenna a radio antenna with a round, concave reflector, used to receive or send satellite and microwave signals.
disharmony lack of harmony; discord.
dishcloth a cloth for washing dishes; dishrag.
dishearten to depress or destroy the hope or confidence of; discourage; dispirit.
dishevel to undo and let fall loosely (hair or clothing). [2 definitions]
disheveled undone and loosely hanging; unkempt. [2 definitions]
dishful that quantity, usu. of food, that fills any particular dish.
dish it out to deliver (criticism, abuse, or the like) strongly.
dishonest inclined to lie, steal, or cheat; not honest or trustworthy. [2 definitions]
dishonesty the inclination to lie, steal, or cheat; lack of honesty. [2 definitions]
dishonor loss of honor or reputation. [5 definitions]
dishonorable lacking honor or integrity; disgraceful. [2 definitions]
dish out (informal) to give out; distribute.
dishpan a large pan in which dirty dishes, pots, and the like are washed.
dishrag a dishcloth.
dishtowel a towel used to dry dishes.
dishwasher one who washes dishes, esp. as an occupation. [2 definitions]
disillusion to free or deprive of false beliefs or hopes; destroy the illusions of (someone). [2 definitions]
disillusioned having lost or been stripped of one's hopes or illusions, often resulting in disappointment or sadness.
disincentive something that reduces the motivation or inclination to work or act, esp. an economic deterrent.
disinclination a feeling of distaste; unwillingness or reluctance.