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disk flower any of the small tubular tightly packed flowers making up the center of the flower head of certain composite plants, such as the aster or daisy.
disk harrow a farming implement having sharp circular blades set at various angles to breakup plowed soil before planting.
disk jockey see disc jockey.
disk wheel a wheel with a solid disk instead of spokes between hub and rim, used esp. on automobiles.
dislike to regard with distaste, hostility, or antipathy. [2 definitions]
dislikeable combined form of dislike.
dislocate to put out of place, esp. in relation to other parts. [3 definitions]
dislocation the act of dislocating, or the state of being dislocated. [2 definitions]
dislodge to remove from or force out of a position or location. [2 definitions]
disloyal unfaithful to one's duty or allegiance.
disloyalty the quality, or an instance or act, of being disloyal, treacherous, or traitorous.
dismal cheerless or depressing; gloomy. [2 definitions]
dismantle to tear down; take apart. [2 definitions]
dismay to trouble or disillusion. [4 definitions]
dismember to sever or tear the members or limbs from. [2 definitions]
dismiss to send away or allow to go away. [4 definitions]
dismissal an act or instance of dismissing. [2 definitions]
dismount to get down from a horse or vehicle. [4 definitions]
Disneyland a theme park in Anaheim, California, the only one of the eleven worldwide Disney theme parks to be personally developed by Walt Disney.
disobedience the act of refusing or failing to obey.
disobedient refusing or neglecting to obey.