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dismay to trouble or disillusion. [4 definitions]
dismember to sever or tear the members or limbs from. [2 definitions]
dismiss to send away or allow to go away. [4 definitions]
dismissal an act or instance of dismissing. [2 definitions]
dismount to get down from a horse or vehicle. [4 definitions]
Disneyland a theme park in Anaheim, California, the only one of the eleven worldwide Disney theme parks to be personally developed by Walt Disney.
disobedience the act of refusing or failing to obey.
disobedient refusing or neglecting to obey.
disobey to fail or refuse to obey.
disoblige to neglect to tend to, or to go against the wishes of. [2 definitions]
disorder lack of order; disarrangement. [5 definitions]
disordered in a condition of confusion or disarrangement. [2 definitions]
disorderly disarranged or untidy. [3 definitions]
disorderly conduct a minor legal offense against public order or morality, such as creating a disturbance.
disorganize to upset or destroy the organization, order, or systematic arrangement of.
disorganized lacking order or systematic arrangement; disorderly. [2 definitions]
disorient to cause to lose one's bearings or sense of direction. [2 definitions]
disown to deny a relationship with or ownership of; repudiate.
disparage to depreciate or belittle, esp. in speech. [2 definitions]
disparagement the act or an instance of belittling or depreciating, esp. in speech.
disparate essentially different and distinct.