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disordered in a condition of confusion or disarrangement. [2 definitions]
disorderly disarranged or untidy. [3 definitions]
disorderly conduct a minor legal offense against public order or morality, such as creating a disturbance.
disorganize to upset or destroy the organization, order, or systematic arrangement of.
disorganized lacking order or systematic arrangement; disorderly. [2 definitions]
disorient to cause to lose one's bearings or sense of direction. [2 definitions]
disown to deny a relationship with or ownership of; repudiate.
disparage to depreciate or belittle, esp. in speech. [2 definitions]
disparagement the act or an instance of belittling or depreciating, esp. in speech.
disparate essentially different and distinct.
disparity the condition or an instance of being unlike, unequal, or of different kinds; difference.
dispassionate without strong feeling or bias; calm; impartial.
dispatch to send off to a specific place or for a specific purpose. [7 definitions]
dispatcher a person who dispatches. [2 definitions]
dispel to drive away or get rid of by, or as if by, scattering in all directions; disperse.
dispensable capable of being omitted; not necessary. [2 definitions]
dispensary a room in an institution, such as a hospital, in which medical supplies are kept and given out. [2 definitions]
dispensation an act or instance of giving out, or the thing given out; distribution. [3 definitions]
dispensatory a book that explains the composition and use of medicines; type of pharmacopoeia.
dispense to give out or distribute. [4 definitions]
dispenser a person or thing that gives or deals out, esp. a device or machine that dispenses items in packages or specific measured amounts.