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disseminate to spread widely, as though scattering seed.
dissemination the act or process of disseminating.
dissension strong disagreement or contention. [2 definitions]
dissent disagreement, objection, or protest, or a spoken or written declaration thereof. [3 definitions]
dissenter one who dissents. [2 definitions]
dissentient dissenting, esp. from the ruling or majority opinion. [2 definitions]
dissertation a formal and usu. lengthy exposition in speech or writing, esp. a detailed report of research by a candidate for a doctoral degree.
disservice an act of treating someone badly or less favorably than deserved.
disserviceable combined form of disservice.
dissever to separate, cut off, or sever. [3 definitions]
dissidence disagreement, esp. with beliefs or policies established by authorities; dissent.
dissident disagreeing with, dissenting from, or opposing (the opinions or doctrines of others or the authority of some group or institution). [2 definitions]
dissimilar not alike; different.
dissimilarity lack of similarity; unlikeness. [2 definitions]
dissimilation the act or process of becoming unlike or making dissimilar.
dissimilitude the quality of being dissimilar; unlikeness. [2 definitions]
dissimulate to hide or disguise the true nature of; dissemble. [2 definitions]
dissimulation the act of deceiving or dissembling.
dissipate to cause to disappear by, or as though by, dispersing or dissolving. [4 definitions]
dissipated engaging in, or marked by the bad effects of, overindulgence in pleasure. [2 definitions]
dissipation the act of dissipating, or the condition of being dissipated. [2 definitions]