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doable able to be done; possible.
do away with to abolish, discard, or discontinue. [2 definitions]
DOB an abbreviation for "date of birth."
dobbin a horse, esp. a plodding one used as a workhorse.
Doberman pinscher a breed of large dog that has short, smooth, usu. black hair with tan markings, often used as a guard dog.
dobra the chief monetary unit of St. Thomas and Principe, equaling one hundred centimos. [2 definitions]
Dobro trademark for a type of acoustic steel guitar that is held on the lap and fretted with a metal bar or tube. [2 definitions]
dobsonfly a large insect with four membranous, veiny wings, whose carnivorous larvae live in water. (See hellgrammite.)
doc (informal) doctor, esp. as a term of address.
docent a lecturer at a college or university who is not a regular member of the faculty. [2 definitions]
docile obedient and easy to manage. [2 definitions]
dock1 a wharf or pier, the water bounded by two piers, or such water area together with the piers around it. [8 definitions]
dock2 the solid or fleshy part of an animal's tail, or the part remaining after the tail has been clipped. [3 definitions]
dock3 an enclosure for the defendant in a criminal trial.
dock4 any of various weedy plants that have broad leaves and long taproots and bear clusters of small greenish or reddish flowers.
dockage1 a charge for using dock facilities. [3 definitions]
dockage2 a withholding of or deduction from wages. [2 definitions]
docket a list or summary of cases to be heard during a court term. [7 definitions]
dockhand a laborer who works on the docks; longshoreman.
dockside the area beside a dock.
dock spider see "fisher spider."