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docudrama a dramatic reenactment of real events, often enhanced by fictional additions, esp. for television.
document a written or printed paper, often of a legal or official nature, that provides information, evidence, or proof of something, such as a birth certificate or marriage license. [4 definitions]
documentable combined form of document.
documentary pertaining to, consisting of, or based on written, authoritative information. [2 definitions]
documentation the use of documents as evidence, as to support claims or conclusions, or the documents themselves. [3 definitions]
DOD abbreviation of "Department of Defense."
dodder to shake or be unsteady on one's feet, as from old age; totter.
doddering shaky or unsteady, esp. in walking.
dodeca- twelve.
dodecagon a two-dimensional geometric figure with twelve angles and twelve sides.
dodecahedron a three-dimensional geometric figure with twelve plane faces.
dodge to avoid something by moving quickly aside or changing direction. [6 definitions]
dodger one who dodges. [2 definitions]
dodo any of several large, clumsy, flightless birds formerly found on islands in the Indian Ocean but now extinct. [2 definitions]
doe the female of certain mammals, such as deer and related animals, rabbits and hares, and goats.
doer one who does something. [2 definitions]
does third person sing. present tense of do1.
doeskin the hide of a deer, or soft leather made of or like it. [2 definitions]
doesn't contracted form of "does not".
doff to take off (clothing). [3 definitions]
dog a four-legged furry canine mammal related to the wolf and fox, commonly used for a pet. [6 definitions]