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doily a small decorative mat, often of embroidery or lace, used as a protective cover on furniture or dishes.
doing action; effort. [2 definitions]
doit a former copper coin of the Netherlands and Dutch colonies that came into use in the seventeenth century. [2 definitions]
do-it-yourself of, pertaining to, or designed for use by amateurs, esp. in construction or repair work.
dolce in a soft and sweet manner (used as a musical direction).
doldrums a period or mood of inactivity, listlessness, or mild depression. [2 definitions]
dole a distribution of food, money, or the like to needy people. [4 definitions]
doleful full of sadness, sorrow, or melancholy. [2 definitions]
dolichocephalic having or designating a head longer than it is broad.
doll a small figure usually made of plastic, wood, or cloth that resembles a baby, child, or other person, used esp. as a child's toy. [4 definitions]
dollar the chief monetary unit of the United States, Canada, and several other countries, equaling one hundred cents. [3 definitions]
dollar diplomacy a U.S. government policy of promoting national interests by encouraging investment abroad, or of using governmental power or influence to protect and promote such private investment. [2 definitions]
dollar sign a sign ($) denoting one or more dollars, or indicating that the numbers following are expressed as dollars.
dollhouse a toy house made to a very small scale.
dollop a shapeless lump, blob, or glob. [2 definitions]
doll up (informal) to dress oneself or another in a smart, showy, or alluring manner as for a special social event.
dolly a doll. [6 definitions]
dolma a dish consisting of a vegetable such as a green pepper or grape or cabbage leaf, stuffed with rice, ground meat, and spices, and cooked.
dolman sleeve a sleeve with a deep armhole that tapers to a fitted opening at the wrist or forearm.
dolmen a prehistoric structure that consists of two or more large stones set vertically and joined by a horizontal capstone.
dolomite a usu. gray, pink, or white mineral, calcium magnesium carbonate, used esp. as a construction material and a fertilizer. [2 definitions]