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dolomite a usu. gray, pink, or white mineral, calcium magnesium carbonate, used esp. as a construction material and a fertilizer. [2 definitions]
dolor a feeling or mood of sorrow, grief, or woe.
doloroso in a sorrowful manner; plaintive (used as a musical direction).
dolorous feeling, showing, or causing grief or sorrow.
dolphin any of several marine mammals having a fishlike body and a toothed, beaklike snout. [2 definitions]
dolt a stupid or foolish person; blockhead.
-dom fact or condition of being. [3 definitions]
domain territory owned or controlled by a single ruler or government; realm. [5 definitions]
domain name a communications identifier and address made up of a series of numbers or letters, shared by all devices in a domain.
dome a rounded, circular roof or ceiling on a room or building. [7 definitions]
Domesday Book the written record of a census of landowners and their holdings covering all of England, compiled by order of William the Conqueror about 1086.
domestic of or related to the household or family. [5 definitions]
domesticate to make accustomed to domestic life. [2 definitions]
domesticity the state of being accustomed to domestic life. [2 definitions]
domestic relations court in some U.S. states, a court with jurisdiction limited to matters involving a family or household, esp. disputes involving the custody, support, and welfare of children; family court.
domestic science see home economics.
domical of or resembling a dome. [2 definitions]
domicile (formal) a place of residence; home. [2 definitions]
dominance the state of being dominant. [2 definitions]
dominant most in control; ruling; leading. [4 definitions]
dominate to control or govern by the use of power or influence; rule. [5 definitions]