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donkey a sturdy domestic animal that resembles a horse but is smaller and has longer ears; ass. [3 definitions]
donnish of, like, or characteristic of a university don; pedantic.
donnybrook (sometimes cap.) a noisy fight or brawl; free-for-all.
donor one who gives, contributes, or donates something such as money to an organization, fund, or the like. [2 definitions]
do-nothing a lazy, unmotivated person; idler or sluggard. [2 definitions]
Don Quixote the idealistic but impractical protagonist and title character of a seventeenth-century Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes.
don't contracted form of "do not".
donut variant of doughnut.
doodad (informal) a term used for a small object or gadget for which one does not know or cannot remember the name; dingus; contraption. [2 definitions]
doodle to draw or scribble aimlessly or absentmindedly. [3 definitions]
doodlebug the larva of an ant lion.
doo-doo (slang) feces; excrement.
doofus (slang) an insulting term for a person considered to be stupid or doing something stupid.
doohickey (informal) a tool or gadget for which one does not know or remember the name; thingamajig.
doom fate or destiny, esp. that of destruction or death. [5 definitions]
doomed approaching a terrible fate such as destruction or death. [3 definitions]
doomsayer one who consistently predicts failure or disaster; pessimist.
doomscrolling the practice of sifting through online news stories and consuming excessively large amounts of news depicting violence, corruption, or devastation.
doomsday the day on which the Last Judgment is supposed to occur, at the end of the world. [2 definitions]
Doomsday Book variant of Domesday Book.
do one's bit to give one's effort to something; do one's share.