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do somebody good to have a beneficial effect on someone.
dossier a set of papers or documents that provide detailed information on a particular person or subject.
dot a little mark or spot; speck. [10 definitions]
dotage weakness of mind or foolishness, esp. when accompanying old age; senility. [2 definitions]
dotard one who has become feeble-minded, esp. in old age.
dot-com a company that sells products or services primarily or exclusively online.
dote to have or exhibit excessive fondness or affection, esp. for a person (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [2 definitions]
do the dishes to take care of dirty dishes by washing and possibly also drying.
do the honors to function as a host; serve.
do the ironing to press with a hot iron those clothes or other materials that are in need of pressing.
do the laundry to wash clothes and other things that have become dirty, and usually to cause them to dry in some particular way.
do the trick to accomplish a result that one wants.
do time to spend time in jail or prison as a person convicted of a crime.
doting extremely or excessively affectionate. [2 definitions]
dot matrix a system of forming characters and graphics, as on computer screens or printers, by patterns of closely spaced dots.
dotted strewn with or having a pattern of dots, or something similar to dots.
dotted swiss a crisp cotton fabric with woven or embroidered dots, used for blouses and curtains.
dotterel any of several plovers, esp. one of Europe and Asia.
dottle the residue of partially burnt tobacco or ash left in a pipe bowl after smoking.
dotty1 (informal) eccentric, weak-minded, or a little crazy; daft. [4 definitions]
dotty2 having dots on the surface; dotted.