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dracaena any of several tropical plants of the agave family, often cultivated as a houseplant.
drachm see drachma.
drachma the former chief monetary unit of Greece, equaling one hundred lepta. [2 definitions]
Draco a circumpolar constellation in the northern sky, located between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and containing the former north star used by the Egyptians; Dragon.
Draconian (often l.c.) harshly cruel or rigorous.
Dracula in a late nineteenth-century novel by Bram Stoker, the title character, a vampire, who is able to transform himself into a bat.
draft a preliminary sketch of a piece of writing; rough draft. [16 definitions]
draftable combined form of draft.
draft board a body of citizens who select men for compulsory U.S. military service.
draft dodger a person who attempts to avoid compulsory military service.
draftee one who has been drafted, esp. for compulsory military service.
draftsman a man who draws detailed plans and designs, as for machines or buildings. [2 definitions]
draftsperson a draftsman or draftswoman.
draftswoman a woman who draws detailed plans and designs, as for machines and buildings. [2 definitions]
drafty having or being subject to drafts or currents of air.
drag to pull along with force (often partly on the ground); haul. [13 definitions]
draggle to soil or wet by dragging through mud. [3 definitions]
draggy dull, slow-moving, lethargic, or monotonous.
dragnet a net that is dragged along a river or pond bottom or along the ground and used to catch fish or small animals. [2 definitions]
dragoman in Near Eastern countries, an interpreter or guide.
dragon a mythical animal that is usu. depicted as a monstrous, winged, fire-breathing reptile with claws and a long tail, often acting as a guardian of a place, treasure, or the like. [2 definitions]