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dress code a set of rules defining acceptable clothing and appearance for a particular place, occasion, or group.
dresser1 one who dresses someone or something. [2 definitions]
dresser2 a piece of furniture with drawers or shelves for storing clothing or other items.
dressing the act of one who dresses. [4 definitions]
dressing-down a severe scolding.
dressing gown a robe worn while relaxing or before becoming fully dressed.
dressing room a room for one or more persons in which to dress, put on makeup, and the like, esp. in a theater or a film or television studio.
dressing table a stand or table, usu. with a mirror on or hung above it, at which one sits chiefly to apply makeup.
dressmaker someone who makes dresses and the like for a living. [2 definitions]
dress parade a formal parade of military troops in dress uniform.
dress rehearsal a full and uninterrupted rehearsal of a production that includes costumes, scenery, orchestra, and the like, usu. the last rehearsal before performance.
dress suit a man's formal evening attire.
dress uniform a military uniform worn only on formal occasions.
dress up to dress in formal or fancy clothes.
dressy (informal) formal or fancy in dress; stylish.
drew past tense of draw.
dribble to drip or flow slowly in drops. [8 definitions]
driblet a drop of liquid in a dribble. [2 definitions]
dribs and drabs (informal) tiny and usu. intermittent amounts.
dried having had all the water or moisture removed. [2 definitions]
drier1 someone or something that dries, esp. a machine used to dry clothes. [2 definitions]